Palestinian Children’s Experiences in the Israeli-Military Justice System: DCI-Palestine Report, April 2012

DCI-Palestine‘s lengthy report, Bound, Blindfolded, and Convicted: Children Held in Military Detention, documents the experiences of West Bank Palestinian children in the Israeli-military justice system. The report analyzes 311 sworn testimonies collected between 2008 and 2012 to survey the processes by which children are arrested, interrogated, incarcerated, and tried. The report also includes lengthy testimonies from Palestinian minors, a lawyer, and an Israeli soldier with firsthand experience in the system, as well as an expert opinion from mental health professionals on the psychological effects of documented practices.

Among other practices, the report documents violent late-night arrests, physical abuse during interrogations (including striking and, rarely, electric shocks), verbal abuse and threats during interrogation (including threats of sexual assault and, rarely, the presence of large dogs in the interrogation room), and solitary confinement. The report also surveys Israeli attempts to ameliorate conditions for Palestinian children in custody and the reception and processing of complaints about instances of poor treatment of incarcerated children.

To read or print the full report, click here.

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