Psychosomatic Effects of Israeli Security Policies on Palestinian Children: Scholarly Analysis

In 2007, a team of mental-health researchers from Birzeit University (Palestine) and Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada) surveyed more than 3,000 Palestinian high school students from in and around Ramallah about their experiences of the Israel-Palestine conflict and their mental health. The study results showed a significant correlation between exposure to trauma (e.g. experiencing or witnessing home demolition, tear gas, or arrest) and psychosomatic problems. The analysis sorts survey subjects by age, sex, area of residence, and traumatic events witnessed or experienced.

The full article is available online to subscribers through ScienceDirect or in the print edition of Public Health. Full citation:

Rita Giacaman et. al., “Humiliation: the Invisible Trauma of War for Palestinian Youth,” Public Health 121.8 (August 2007), 563-571.

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