Ethical Issues in Working with Children in War Zones: Chapter by Dr. Gillian Straker

Straker, G. (1996). Ethical Issues in Working with Children in War Zones. In:
Apfel, R. & Simon, B. (Eds). Minefields in their Hearts: The Mental Health of
Children in War and Communal Violence. Yale University Press, 18-32.

Gillian Straker is a clinical professor at Sydney University and an organisational consultant to Encompass Australasia. She has published widely in the area of trauma and has worked with a number of different traumas including torture, detention, and child abuse. She has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

In Minefields in their Hearts, mental health professionals share their knowledge, experiences, and hopefulness in working with children exposed to war and violence. The contributors to this book—who include psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, all with direct experience working with children who are victims of war and violence—address the ethics involved in working with children in war zones, children’s development under circumstances of war or violence, post-traumatic stress disorder and other stress reactions, refugee children, “survivor guilt,” interventions and treatments, and the emotional health of the caretakers.

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