“Where’s the Shame?”: Op-Ed on Security Forces’ Mistreatment of Children at OpenZion

In an op-ed on Peter Beinart’s OpenZion blog, Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now reflects on B’tselem’s release of a disturbing video of two Israeli border police officers grabbing, dragging, and kicking a nine year old Palestinian boy in Hebron. (According to the boy’s testimony, this is the second time that Border Police officers have attacked him in the past month.)

Friedman links the attack to Israeli security forces’ widespread disregard for children’s human rights, most recently documented in a British legal report. She then reflects on American Jewry’s “shocking” silence on the reported abuse, and concludes that many of her co-religionists have not realized that “sometimes the George Zimmermans of this world turn out to be Jewish.” (George Zimmerman, who is not Jewish, is accused of murdering an African-American teenager in Florida.) She calls the border policemen’s attack “a stain on… our religion” and calls on American Jews to criticize Israeli human rights abuses more virulently.

The full text of the post is available here.

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