Two Reflections on the Suffering of Palestinian Children at OpenZion

In a pair of articles on OpenZion, Emily L. Hauser reflects on Palestinian children’s experience of the ongoing conflict.

In the first piece, Hauser rattles off a disturbing set of statistics: the number of Palestinian children who Israeli forces have detained, the number killed in recent conflicts, poverty rates. She notes that Israeli children have also suffered as a result of the conflict, but states, “one dead child is too many… [b]ut we’re lying to ourselves if we think it doesn’t matter that in the past 12 years, 90 Israeli children have died at the hands of Palestinians, while Israel has been responsible for the deaths of 1,331 Palestinian children.” She concludes that, had she lived the life of a Palestinian child, she would be “less… likely to lean towards peace and reconciliation.”

In the second piece, Hauser reflects on the effect of “grinding daily struggles” on the lives of Palestinian children. She pays particular attention to Israeli restrictions on mobility of people and goods in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that hamper children’s access to education.

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