Violent Arrest of a Mother in Front of Her Children, an-Nabi Salah

ActiveStills (a collective of Israeli, Palestinian, and international photographers) has released a moving series of photographs from the weekly anti-settlement protest in the West Bank village of an-Nabi Salah on 24 August 2012. The images show four Israeli soldiers arresting a local mother at the demonstration within feet of three of her young daughters. The girls grab their mother’s body in an attempt to prevent her arrest. Soldiers drag the girls away, crying.

An-Nabi Salah began holding weekly demonstrations in December 2009 in the face of Israeli confiscation of local agricultural land for a nearby settlement. The rallies typically draw between 50 and 100 protestors, including many local children.

The photographs and more information about the arrest are available here, at the website +972 Magazine.

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