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Israeli Violence Against Palestinian Women and Children: Joint Report by DCI-Palestine and WCLAC

An October 2012 report by the Palestine Section of Defense for Children International and the Palestinian human rights NGO Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling explores the relationship between Israeli military abuses of Palestinian women and children and the … Continue reading

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Palestinian Children Describe Arrest and Interrogation on Camera: Short Documentary from DCI-Palestine

In October 2012, the Palestine Section of Defense for Children International released a short film documenting the experiences of Palestinian children in the Israeli military justice system. The video serves as a companion to the organization’s lengthy report on the … Continue reading

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Psychological opinion: Palestinian Childrens’ Experiences in the Israeli-Military Justice System, PsychoActive, March 2012

As part of the DCI-Palestine‘s report on the experiences of West Bank Palestinian children in the Israeli-military justice system from April 2012, A professional opinion by mental health practitioners was published, focusing on the psychological effects of the situation on the children. The opinion was written by … Continue reading

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Public Education for Palestinian Children in East Jerusalem: August 2012

An August 2012 report on public education in the Palestinian sectors in East Jerusalem, jointly authored by Ir Amim [‘Ir ‘Amim] and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel documents a disturbing shortage of school facilities and materials for Palestinian … Continue reading

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“Breaking A Generation”: 2012 Sabeel Publication on the Experiences of Palestinian Children and Families Under Military Rule

Sabeel, a Christian-Palestinian anti-occupation political organization, dedicated the summer/fall 2012 edition of its newsletter to the experiences of Palestinian children and families with the Israeli military justice system. The 24 page journal includes: two articles from Gerard Horton, Ramallah-based lawyer … Continue reading

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Former Israeli Soldiers Describe their Mistreatment of Palestinian Children: Breaking the Silence Report, August 2012

Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO that collects testimonies from former Israeli soldiers about their experiences serving in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, has released a compilation of testimonies describing army mistreatment of Palestinian children. The approximately 30 soldiers interviewed describe … Continue reading

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UN Condemns Israeli Treatment of Palestinian Children, July 2012

19 July 2012 The United Nations Special Committee on Israeli Practices in the Occupied Territories denounced Israeli treatment of West Bank Palestinian children during arrest and detention. The committee identified the solitary confinement of children as a particularly heinous practice, and stated that the issue “links … Continue reading

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