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2012 Monograph on the Psychological Effects of Political Violence on Israeli and Palestinian Adolescents

In November 2012, New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren visited the Gaza Strip during a devastating Israeli bombardment. During her trip, Rudoren posted an assessment of the psychological effects of the Israeli attacks on Gazan citizens. She wrote: “[W]hile death … Continue reading

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Exposure to Violence and its Effects on Israeli and Palestinian Children: Scholarly Analysis

Between 2007 and 2010, a team of researchers from Israel, Palestine, and the United States conducted three waves of interviews with children and families living in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Researchers evaluated the degree of the … Continue reading

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On Palestinian Children and Families at the International Congress of Psychology, 2012

The International Congress of Psychology (ICP) is held every four years and is the largest event on the global psychology calendar. At the 2008 ICP gathering, American psychologists’ collusion with the torture at Guantanamo was first raised in the international … Continue reading

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Political Violence and Palestinian High School Students’ Mental Health, 2008 Study

In 2008, four researchers from Al-Quds University in Jerusalem surveyed more than 2000 Palestinian high school students from the Gaza Strip and West Bank in an attempt to gauge the psychological effects of chronic political violence and Israeli governing policies. … Continue reading

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Legal Analysis: the Influence of Age on the Sentencing of Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Courts

Legal scholar Hedi Viterbo has conducted a detailed analysis of the influence of child defendants’ ages on the decisions of Israeli military courts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Viterbo points out that a defendant’s real or perceived age influences a … Continue reading

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Child Arrest and Family Psychology in Silwan

In 2010, Misha Gray conducted research in the Palestinian town of Silwan (located to the immediate southeast of the Old City of Jerusalem) under the auspices of Physicians for Human Rights, Israel and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center. Political tensions … Continue reading

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A Psychosocial Assessment of Palestinian Children: a Study by Dr. Cairo Arafat

A Psychosocial Assessment of Palestinian Children, July 2003 A study by Dr. Cairo Arafat, Director of The Secretariat for the National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children; in consultation with Dr. Neil Boothby, Professor of Public Health, Columbia University, Senior Advisor, Save the Children-US. From the … Continue reading

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Ethical Issues in Working with Children in War Zones: Chapter by Dr. Gillian Straker

Straker, G. (1996). Ethical Issues in Working with Children in War Zones. In: Apfel, R. & Simon, B. (Eds). Minefields in their Hearts: The Mental Health of Children in War and Communal Violence. Yale University Press, 18-32. Gillian Straker is a … Continue reading

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The Effect of Political Violence in the First Intifada on Palestinian Children’s Mental Health: Scholarly Analysis

In 2000, Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem interviewed nearly 1,200 Palestinian adolescents in Jerusalem and the West Bank about their childhood experiences of the First Intifada and current mental health. Haj-Yahia concluded that exposure to curfew, … Continue reading

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Psychosomatic Effects of Israeli Security Policies on Palestinian Children: Scholarly Analysis

In 2007, a team of mental-health researchers from Birzeit University (Palestine) and Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada) surveyed more than 3,000 Palestinian high school students from in and around Ramallah about their experiences of the Israel-Palestine conflict and their mental health. … Continue reading


The Effects of Home Demolition on Palestinian Children and Families: Scholarly Analysis

In 1997, mental-health researchers Samir Qouta, Raiji-Lena Punamäki, and Eyad El Saraj interviewed 85 Palestinians, including 38 children, who experienced or witnessed the Israeli army’s demolition of private homes in the Gaza Strip. The researchers concluded that the demolitions produced negative … Continue reading

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