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“Five Broken Cameras” and Israeli Youth

In June 2012, Born Equal reviewed the Palestinian documentary film Five Broken Cameras, which documents anti-occupation protests in the West Bank village of Bil’in. The film’s directors, Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, chose to spotlight local children’s experiences of the community’s conflict with … Continue reading

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Israeli Violence Against Palestinian Women and Children: Joint Report by DCI-Palestine and WCLAC

An October 2012 report by the Palestine Section of Defense for Children International and the Palestinian human rights NGO Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling explores the relationship between Israeli military abuses of Palestinian women and children and the … Continue reading

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“The Impact of Child Detention”: 2012 Report by Save the Children

Save the Children Sweden has documented the violation of Palestinian children’s human rights since the early 1990s. Its 2012 report, produced in conjunction with the East Jerusalem YMCA, documents the military detention of Palestinian children and the practice’s effects on detained … Continue reading

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“Children in Military Detention”: British Legal Report on Palestinian Children in the Israeli Military Justice System

In Fall 2011, a delegation of British lawyers (funded by the UK Foreign Office) visited Israel and the West Bank to conduct research on the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military justice system. The lawyers reviewed NGO reports … Continue reading

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Occupation and Resistance Through the Eyes of a Child: “Five Broken Cameras”

Emad Burnat’s and Guy Davidi’s moving documentary Five Broken Cameras follows two interconnected narrative trajectories. First, the film documents the West Bank village Bil’in’s multi-year protest campaign against the expansion of Israeli-Jewish towns onto village farmland. Second, the film traces the … Continue reading

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The Effect of Political Violence in the First Intifada on Palestinian Children’s Mental Health: Scholarly Analysis

In 2000, Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem interviewed nearly 1,200 Palestinian adolescents in Jerusalem and the West Bank about their childhood experiences of the First Intifada and current mental health. Haj-Yahia concluded that exposure to curfew, … Continue reading

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Palestinian Children’s Experiences in the Israeli-Military Justice System: DCI-Palestine Report, April 2012

DCI-Palestine‘s lengthy report, Bound, Blindfolded, and Convicted: Children Held in Military Detention, documents the experiences of West Bank Palestinian children in the Israeli-military justice system. The report analyzes 311 sworn testimonies collected between 2008 and 2012 to survey the processes … Continue reading

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