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“When the Boys Return”: 2013 Documentary by Al-Jazeera English

In fall 2011, filmmaker Tone Anderson spent four months in the West Bank researching the arrest and detention of Palestinian children by Israeli security forces. In January 2013, Al-Jazeera English released Anderson’s fifty minute documentary “When the Boys Return,” which … Continue reading

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Formerly Detained Palestinian Children Animate Their Lives

In summer 2011, two groups of formally incarcerated Palestinian children produced short animated videos through a post-trauma rehabilitation program run jointly by the East Jerusalem YMCA and Save the Children Sweden. The children drew and narrated the clips, which narrate … Continue reading

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Psychological opinion: Palestinian Childrens’ Experiences in the Israeli-Military Justice System, PsychoActive, March 2012

As part of the DCI-Palestine‘s report on the experiences of West Bank Palestinian children in the Israeli-military justice system from April 2012, A professional opinion by mental health practitioners was published, focusing on the psychological effects of the situation on the children. The opinion was written by … Continue reading

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European Union Condemns Israeli Treatment of Detained Palestinian Children, September 2012

In late summer 2012, the European Union Parliament discussed the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military custody. In response, Catherine Ashton, the European Commission’s Vice President and High Representative for External Affairs, released a short statement on 12 September condemning … Continue reading

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Two Reflections on the Suffering of Palestinian Children at OpenZion

In a pair of articles on OpenZion, Emily L. Hauser reflects on Palestinian children’s experience of the ongoing conflict. In the first piece, Hauser rattles off a disturbing set of statistics: the number of Palestinian children who Israeli forces have detained, … Continue reading

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Israeli Professionals protest repercussions of the arrest procedures of Palestinian children, May 2012

On May 20th 2012, more than 130 Israeli mental health and other professionals sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defence Ehud Barak with their concerns about the social and mental repercussions of standard arrest procedures … Continue reading

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“The Impact of Child Detention”: 2012 Report by Save the Children

Save the Children Sweden has documented the violation of Palestinian children’s human rights since the early 1990s. Its 2012 report, produced in conjunction with the East Jerusalem YMCA, documents the military detention of Palestinian children and the practice’s effects on detained … Continue reading

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